Thursday, June 3, 2010

Something Blue

Did you know wearing something blue on your wedding is part of an old tradition dating back to the late Victorian era? Because the color blue symbolizes love, modesty, and fidelity, it's considered good luck for a bride to wear blue on her. Here are some "Something Blue" ideas that we just love...

Adorning your hair with blue hair accessories is growing in popularity among brides. Unique ideas for something blue for your hair are ribbons, flowers, and feathers. Blue ribbons can be used to tie a section of your hair and flowers blue in color can be tucked behind the ear. Using feathers is a recent trend and used in the same manner as the flower.

Blue Flowers in Bouquet
A few flowers within your bouquet is a beautiful elegant "Something Blue"; especially these blue Stephanotis. The Stephanotis is a popular wedding flower because the meaning is Happiness in marriage. How beautiful is that...not only is it something blue but has a beautiful meaning as well!

Nail polish
Few brides may consider this something blue idea but it is a budget friendly way to add blue to your wedding since nail polish is cheap. Toenails can be painted with blue nail polish or nails can be decorated with a blue design.

Blue Shoes
I love the blue shoes!!! It is a fun and flirty something blue.

Blue Rhinestones
Another very cute idea is to stick blue rhinestone initials or "I Do" onto the bottom of your shoes.

Whatever you decide your "Something Blue" will be, make if fun and personal!


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  1. Hi Kim!

    Love the new blog design! Pink Studios did another fantastic job. I didn't have a traditional wedding when I got married (we eloped!), so I never had a something blue. But I love the idea of the rhinestone "I Do"!

    Good luck on the new blogging venture :)