Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flowers & Psalms

My husband surprised me with this great book, To Have & To Hold by David Stark and Avi Adler. As he hands it to me he says "It's inspiration for your next journey".

As I flipped through the pages and started to read, "One of the most anticipated moments of your wedding planning is picking out your bouquet, but when faced with so many seductive choices, which do you choose? A tiny nosegay on an heirloom Bible?"...I paused and re-read..."A tiny nosegay on an heirloom Bible". I simply adore this. It's so simple, unique and elegant.

The Bride can carry more than a bouquet. An heirloom Bible-a gift from mother to daughter perhaps-is a note only sweetened by flowers.

The Bible, the ultimate symbol of Judeo-Christian faith, is an important religious statement. For deeply devout couples, holding one throughout the ceremony marks a commitment that draws strength well beyond the two who stand before the alter.

The book that's included in the bride's bouquet needn't be religious text in the strictest sense of the word, but rather something that holds spiritual value for the couple. One bride carried a small sketchbook that her groom had filled with tiny drawings while they dated.


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  1. I like all these ideas! Especially the tiny sketch book from the groom. I think it's wonderful that there are so many wondeful options available for brides now!