Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Floral Obsession

I've been doing research on flowers, because as you may know...I'm beyond obsessed with them! I'm convinced that flowers make everyone happy and will brighten up any room. I'm even more fascinated with the meanings of each flower and find it to be such an inspiration when brides chose their bouquets based on the flower meanings. Below is a list from The Knot on a few flower meanings. My new obsession...the Ranunculus, is not below is a picture (courtesy of I.WED.STYLE.) I have this hung up in my office as my weekly inspiration...Enjoy!!!

Anemone - Meaning: Expectation; Price Range: Moderate
Baby's Breath - Meaning: Innocence; Price Range: Inexpensive
Calla Lily - Meaning: Magnificent beauty; Price Range: Expensive
Carnation - Meaning: Pink represents boldness, red symbolizes love, and white indicates talent; Price Range: Inexpensive
Chrysanthemum (or mum) - Meaning: Wealth, abundance, truth; In Price Range: Inexpensive
Daffodil - Meaning: Regard; Price Range: Inexpensive (in season)
Daisy - Meaning: Share your feelings; Price Range: Inexpensive (in season)
Delphinium - Meaning: Swiftness, lightness; Price Range: Moderate
Freesia - Meaning: Innocence; Price Range: Inexpensive (in season)
Gardenia - Meaning: Purity, joy; Price Range: Expensive
Hydrangea - Meaning: Understanding; Price Range: Expensive
Iris - Meaning: A message of faith, wisdom; Price Range: Moderate to expensive, depending on variety including purple ones.
Lilac - Meaning: Love's first emotions; Price Range: Moderate to expensive
Lily - Meaning: Majesty, truth, honor; Price Range: Moderate to expensive
Lily of the Valley - Meaning: Happiness; Price Range: Expensive
Magnolia - Meaning: Love of nature; Price Range: Expensive
Orchid - Meaning: Love, beauty; Price Range: Expensive
Peony - Meaning: Bashfulness, the American spirit of ambition and determination; Price Range: Expensive
Rose - Meaning: Love, joy, beauty; Price Range: Moderate to expensive
Stephanotis - Meaning: Marital happiness; Price Range: Moderate
Stock - Meaning: Lasting beauty; Price Range: Inexpensive
Sweet Pea - Meaning: Pleasure; Price Range: Moderate
Tulip - Meaning: Love, passion; Price Range: Expensive

I came across the Ranunculus on Fleurs designer, Jessica Wolvek's, website/blog and I'm absolutely in love. Her work is not only amazing but her website/gallery is gorgeous! "She was trained in the classical art of flower design (ikebana) in Japan (how cool!!!). Her works are influenced by traditional European styles with hints of Asian influences to bring the perfect combination of old world elegance with zen modern simplicity." Below are some of our favorite images off of her site. Please go check out this local NYC florist!!!

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  1. Opposite to you I barely know the name of 3-5 types of flowers.. hahaha but my favorites are daisies and Hydrangeas... yeah, i'm cheap! :D