Monday, November 22, 2010

Candy Buffet Centerpiece

As you may know, I absolutely adore candy buffets. In fact for this Friday's Wedding, the Bride, has allowed me to design and set up a candy buffet as a centerpiece for a kids table. How perfect! What kid wouldn't love sitting at a table full of candy. So this past Saturday me and my Lulu went into the city and happen to eat at a restaurant right across the street from M&M World.

Thankfully I had my little partner and she filled up two large bags, one of Green and the second Green & Black M&M's. The colors of this wedding are my dream; Black/White (Damask) and Green...I'm in love!
Here are photos of some of the candy we chose for this centerpiece. I'm getting excited to see the final centerpiece all put together.

Putting together all of the candy inspired me to put together this Green Inspiration Board. Designing events is one of my true passions and all of the color combination options are endless.

What are you favorite color combos???
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