Monday, November 22, 2010

Candy Buffet Centerpiece

As you may know, I absolutely adore candy buffets. In fact for this Friday's Wedding, the Bride, has allowed me to design and set up a candy buffet as a centerpiece for a kids table. How perfect! What kid wouldn't love sitting at a table full of candy. So this past Saturday me and my Lulu went into the city and happen to eat at a restaurant right across the street from M&M World.

Thankfully I had my little partner and she filled up two large bags, one of Green and the second Green & Black M&M's. The colors of this wedding are my dream; Black/White (Damask) and Green...I'm in love!
Here are photos of some of the candy we chose for this centerpiece. I'm getting excited to see the final centerpiece all put together.

Putting together all of the candy inspired me to put together this Green Inspiration Board. Designing events is one of my true passions and all of the color combination options are endless.

What are you favorite color combos???
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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Very Happy First Birthday

Yesterday we went to my husband's niece's first birthday party. Alicia was such a cute little girl and most of her presents were bigger than her. When we first arrived her little thrown was set up and this little princess greeted her guests. I've become so involved with Weddings that I have forgotten what made me become a party planner. When I was in school I use to work at Neiman Marcus and use to coordinate their Galas. That is when I realized I loved planning parties (plus how can you not when you work at Neiman Marcus). Anyway, it slowly grew into children's parties, baby showers and then weddings.

The room was full of family, friends and their children (something that you don't usually see at weddings). Everyone was so relaxed and truly enjoying themselves. It's sometimes nice to be able to sit back and enjoy a party and not be all dressed up in a gown. Plus having our kids there was nice. Usually at weddings you don't see many kids and when you do they are always getting in trouble for running around having fun. It was so nice to watch the parents of this little princess hold her and sing their very first Happy Birthday song to her. The mom's face just glowed as she held her little girl.

I know when it was my little guys 1st birthday party I sat there in shock, one because I cannot believe how fast a year has passed. It's truly amazing how much he has learned and grown. Then I thought about my 9 year old little girl. I remembered her first birthday party and how after all the guests left we let her sit on the kitchen floor and just eat her birthday cake...of course it was a mess BUT so worth the photo (Ashleigh on the left on her first birthday, 05/25/01 & Aaden on the right on his first birthday, 06/25/09).

Here are some adorable 1st Birthday Cakes courtesy of Pink Cake Box located in Denville, New Jersey!

Hope you enjoyed this week's blog. It's funny, when I first started blogging and even now reading other blogs they are so "straight" forward and have very little "feeling" in them. I would just blog ideas or photos. I'm now realizing that that's not ME, it's not the feel I'm going for when blogging. I'm a very passionate person & need to put more of my heart in my blog. I read The Maddy Chronicles , a friend that I met on Facebook. Her blogs are personal and have true meaning. To me that is worth reading. So thank you Maddy for being the inspiration to this week's blog :) My life isn't all event planning and in fact it's a small part of it. My family is and always will be number 1 and top priority. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and I am extremly thankful that I have a husband who allows me to follow my dream and that I'm able to do this as my job but it's not my life. My two kids are so why not include them in my blog...

So I end this week's blog with a quote from my daughter "Relax Mommy, we're at a party...have fun" and a photo of my little Aaden being able to blow on his party favor for the first time :)


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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Monday & Happy November!!!

What a fabulous October and Halloween!!! My two adorable kids (who are my daily inspiration), Ashleigh (9 yrs old) was a leopard & Aaden (16 months) was Baby Frankenstein. I just adore these two little love's; I cannot imagine my life without them!

We made our Halloween Cupcakes and instead of adding our normal spider rings and fingers, I found & fell in love with these Halloween Cupcake Sticks by Lemon & Lavender. They were perfect and everyone loved them! I am so thankful I found Ashley because she sells such beautful paper goods that I'm sure I will be ordering our Holiday Christmas Cards from her soon.

I know normally I write about event decor and ideas but I had such a lovely Halloween I just had to share with you some photos and of course, it made me love orange. So I put together a quick Orange Inspiration Board. I'm realizing now that there are so many different options with colors. Orange is such a beautiful, vibrant color and adds so much flare to an event!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and October. November is going to be a fabulous month!!!

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